H1b Fired – Free Evaluation

H1b Fired – Free Evaluation

ONLY – If you are currently working on H1b Visa, or was on H1b Visa in past. Free Evaluation of your H1b working Rights. We will ensure: you are/were paid you are entitled to, not exploited, given your wages, not fired illegally, etc.

Get back your money YOU MIGHT BE ENTITLED TO ! !

Do you know – H1b Companies had been compelled to pay thousands and millions in cases, for their violations and unfair approach towards h1b employees/ candidates. In one of the matters, H1b Company was ordered to pay $ 225000 in back wages and huge penalty. In yet another case, it was found that several H1b Employees are owed $ 3 Million in back wages…Harsh steps were taken against company for their approach and non payment to H1b candidates…

Various companies including Cognizant, Infosys, and many middle and small companies were also compelled to make payments to H1b employees, for their non payment, less payment, or other issues.

H1b Employees – Email Lawyer to find out if you are legally entiled to financial monetory or other reliefs.

If you are working as an h1b candidate or has been working as an h1b candidate in past, and had issues with h1b employment: coercion, force, illegal deduction from salary, employer making you pay all h1b fees, benching, improper termination, non payment of salary, payment of less salary, exploitation, dicrimination, working conditions, etc., Attorney will help get you your rights to get you past appropraite Salary, wages, or many other employment related rights. The law does not allow any h1b candidate to be discrimiated on the basis of h1b status. We hope our knowledge and skills in this area would be beneficial to you. Email: info@h1bclub.com with summary and details.

  • H1b Employee Rights – Payment of Full Salary, etc.
  • H1b Employee Equality
  • H1b Employee difference in treatment by Employer
  • H1b Employee Rights on termination by Employer
  • H1b Employer obligations